Ecommerce Manager

An Ecommerce Manager looks after a website for a company which buys and sells products or services online. This role is similar to a sales job but has a digital focus. They would be expected to attract new online customers using a number of tools including online advertising and through search results.
Earning potential
Average £45,000*
*based on national average base pay per year, data from
Useful skills
  • Good sales person
  • Social media expertise
  • Strong planning skills
  • Creative
Useful qualifications and training routes
  • Online marketing
  • Management or leadership skills
  • Website and Google analytics
  • Excel skills
What types of businesses could
you work for?

Companies who buy or sell online. This role is going to grow as more customers go online to purchase items and more companies sell products online.

Key industries include retail, financial services, utilities, tourism and media.

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