Scrum Master

A Scrum Master will manage small groups of experts to deliver projects in the quickest and most efficient way. Scrum Masters are project managers who work in an agile working environment. Agile working encourages project teams to be flexible in their work so they can come up with and launch a lot of new ideas.
Earning potential
Average £50,000*
*based on Leeds area average base pay per year, data from
Useful skills
  • Relationship builder
  • Works with a variety of people
  • Finds it easy to adapt
  • A natural leader
Useful qualifications and training routes
  • Agile project management principles
  • Management or leadership skills
  • Coaching or motivational skills
What types of businesses could
you work for?

Large companies who have an agile working environment. These businesses often use agile working to produce more products or services for customers.

Key industries include software, technology, financial services and professional services such as legal.

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