What we do
aql are a communications enabler, connecting software platforms to their customers, providing secure connectivity to remote "things" and acting as the engineering partner to global turnkey projects. Our goal is to help businesses and cities keep pace with the latest technological changes by leveraging the power of high bandwidth, secure storage, mobile connectivity and innovation. We are at the heart of smart city initiatives, from data centre infrastructure, to network, to building and supporting innovation ecosystems.
The types of digital roles in our organisation
  • TechOps Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Data Centre Technicians
  • PHP Developers
  • Technical Support Analysts
  • Digital Designers
  • Copy Writers
The skills and qualifications we look for

At aql this is dependant on the level of the role.

  • For the entry level roles like apprenticeships we look for people with a genuine passion for tech and a willingness to learn. Hobbies tend to be tech related
  • For the more advanced roles we look for skills in Linux, Scripting, Bash, Puppet, Systems administration and PHP
The roles we see growing in the future

We see all our roles growing in the future due to the technical nature of them and the area of tech advancing so rapidly.