What we do
Plexus Law are a modern, forward thinking, progressive law firm delivering innovative, high quality legal services.
The types of digital roles in our organisation

Plexus Law have a variety of exciting technical roles and opportunities within the firm, broadly falling into the following categories:

  • Technical Support relating to the provision and maintenance of IT systems and services
  • Project Engineering relating to the delivery of new technologies and productivity tools
  • Case Management System Developers that code the business processes into systems
  • Application Developers that build software tools and the links between the various applications
  • Software Test Analysts that ensure Plexus developments are of a high quality
  • MI and BI Reporting Analysts –interrogate data and present this in tabular and graphical form to a variety of audiences
  • Digital Marketing that promote and manage social media technologies and online presence
The skills and qualifications we look for

The right candidate often portrays a variety of skills and qualifications and every candidate offers something different. In general, Plexus look for:

  • Any qualifications that show a basic understanding of a particular field of expertise, whether IT related or otherwise
  • Skills relating to Office 365 and Microsoft Azure or other cloud technologies
  • Analytical skills and an ability to interpret data
  • Cyber and technical security skills
  • Exposure to technologies such as .NET, C#, SQL, SSRS and SSIS
  • Experience of agile development or DevOps working environments
  • Most of all a great attitude and willingness to learn new things
The roles we see growing in the future
  • The roles of Data Analysts and Data Scientists are on the increase, as the technologies to interrogate and manipulate data become more readily available within organisations of all sizes
  • As cloud services become more common place and cyber threats are on the increase, so too is the need to grow and develop businesses technical security controls, requiring dedicated Security Engineering roles
  • As the platforms and mediums for communication multiply on a monthly basis, firms are reviewing and updating their communication strategies, providing guidance on which technologies to use which requires Communication Managers to oversee and orchestrate